Finance Your Trip in 5 Steps with SkyCred:



1.Contact us


Fill in a booking enquiry here on the website or contact Octopus Travel & Tours and speak to one of our consultants, who will provide you with a quotation, be it for airline tickets, hotel accommodation, package holidays, cruises, car hire etc.


2. Fill In Application


When you receive your quotation, you can download a Fly Now Pay Later application to fill in.



3. Submit Application and Other Requirements to SkyCred


Submit the following to SkyCred with your application:

 ✓ Valid passport(Actual passport not copy)

 ✓ ID (Actual ID not copy)

 ✓ Current payslip

 ✓ Bank statement for last 3 months

 ✓ Proof of residence

 ✓ 20% deposit payable to SkyCred (required subsequent to credit approval)


4. Issuing of Ticket(s)


On approval of your Fly Now Pay Later application, SkyCred will notify Octopus Travel & Tours and your ticket(s) will be issued.

The approval process will be completed within 24 hours


How Payment works


The minimum threshold for credit facilities is US$500 and the maximum is US$5,000 per



 Repayment periods:


•     For tickets valued at US$500 – US$600 repayments up to 3 Months

•     For tickets valued at US$601 – US$5,000 repayments up to 6 Months


Interest will be applied on the residual balance (quoted fare less the 20% deposit) at a flat rate of 5% per month, over a period which suits you.




Example ticket price: $1000


 - You pay a deposit of 20% to SkyCred after your application is approved.

   For this example is $200


 - This leaves a residual balance of $800. This is the amount to which the interest is applied


 - You decide the number of months you would like to pay over. For each month you pay a flat interest 5% of the  residual balance.

 For example if you were to decide to pay over 5 months that would be an interest 25% of the residual balance which in this case is $200


 - This means you would be paying $1000 over the 5 months which is $200 per month


You may increase your deposit which will reduce the interest and instalments.


Phone/Tel. Numbers:

Email Address:

+2634 862 347

+263772 232 048


18-606 Carrick Creagh

Helensvale, Borrowdale